Colour Works - Underboob Tattoos

They are all over the internet. One of the sexiest places a women can have inked. These Tattoos are only seen in full by a lucky few, of course it?s the Underboob Tattoo. This style of tattoo is placed underneath the breasts which usually includes covering the bottom portion of the sternum. Yes we know this can be a painful spot to tattoo but we know you ladies are tough cookies plus our artists are experienced in working in and around this area. Your in great hands!

The most desired underboob tattoo usually takes the shape of mandalas and these are often completed using line and dotwork technique. For most, black ink is the most common ink used on this style of tattoo however we are starting to see the emergence of colourful and realistic elements too.?

We have a collection of some fantastic underboob tattoos that our team of resident artists have completed below. We are always on hand to answer any questions that you may have.