Colour Works - Tattoos For Men

Listen up lads! It is time to bite the bullet and just go for it. You have been waiting so long for this. We know how it is. Will I or won?t I? Or perhaps your worried about what the mother will think. It?s time to show your true identity to the world.? Let?s expand upon your self image by creating a masterpiece that can be a conversation starter. Put some emotion behind it. Express yourself!

The process starts with perhaps a vague tattoo idea that you might have in your mind. This may have come about from looking at a magazine or seeing someone else’s and really like that design but the question may lie with you. What is that design called? You may have then googled some terms and either came across similar images to what you saw or you may have landed here. If so we have some inspirational designs below for you to have a look through.?

At the end of the day it comes down to what tickles your fancy! There is always a demand for traditional and old school tattoos as is for culturally related themes such as celtic or Japanese tattoos. These are your mainstay tattoos however we are seeing demand in areas such as portraits and realism as is for trending styles such as Geometric and line work.?