Colour Works - Tattoos For Girls

Girls you are already awesome but why not add some more sass and sparkle with a cool tattoo

Shine bright and show off your personality with your dream tattoo. There?s something out there to suit all you wonderful people! In a predominantly male driven industry we are lucky to have an amazing female resident artist if you fancy the female touch to your tattoo ideas and we are also proud to host some world renowned international female guest artists

Tattoos are not just for men.Girls we are so lucky to be growing up in the 21st century, and living in a much more open minded society! We can now express ourselves through the ink we put on our skin without being as worried as we once were about a tattoo affecting our jobs? prospects and careers as it once was.

From the simple fine line minimalistic tattoo, perhaps a cute matching tattoo with your bestie or maybe a meaningful sibling tattoo, here in Colour Works each project no matter how big or small is important to us. We understand the time and thought process that goes into choosing your tattoo. Especially first timers, we are always here to help advise you what works best and with our incredible, diverse team of tattoo artists we will assign the most suitable one to make sure you get the best possible and unique result for your tattoo.

Tattoos are so personal, we love to listen to your tattoo ideas and help bring them to life. So what are all you lovely ladies getting these days? We have seen a rise in the underboob tattoo there are so many variations some of you opt for the simple line work of a small unalome tattoo, for others it maybe an ornamental decorative mandala style piece and let?s face it, you can?t go wrong with something floral.

Perhaps a traditional bright and bold butterfly underboob tattoo is right up your street or for others it’s all about the delicate, femineine fine line flowers.

So what are you waiting for? We offer free consultations or simply get in touch via our contact page. You can catch us on Facebook or slide into our DM?s ! We will get back to you as promptly as we can. In the meantime if you are interested in viewing some of our recently completed tattoos, be sure to head over to our Instagram page, where we regularly post new images of latest tattoos?