Colour Works - Tattoo Quotes

To some people quote tattoos are seen as just words but to their owners, the very skin on which those words are inscribed are a source of lasting inspiration. Not only that, they can also be a source of endless memories of a moment or person.

Who ever said quote tattoos need to be just plain words without the colour or the incorporation of them into larger or more complex pieces. Whether it?s a stand alone minimalistic piece or you want to get creative by adding a splash of colour, quote tattoos can be a brilliant way to mark a special occasion in your life. Be bold, make a statement.

As we have mentioned before, when it comes to small tattoos and especially letters, please listen to your artist… you want your quote tattoo to be legible in years to come. When it comes to tattoo languages of another country. Please get it checked before bringing it to us. And as always do your homework, come to us with your ideas and we can advise you on style, font, size and placement.?

Let’s write something beautiful.