Colour Works - Tattoo Ideas

So after a considerable amount of time you?ve finally decided to get a tattoo! Or perhaps you have caught the bug already and this is a familiar experience for you! Either way the journey is an exciting one with so many tattoo ideas and questions that you want to answer.?

Choosing a tattoo design or style can be a nerve racking experience for you especially if it’s your first one. There are so many designs, styles, placements and colours to choose from. Oh yea don?t forget the artist, you need to pick an artist that can bring your tattoo to life!? After all this is going to be permanent! You want to make sure it’s right!

We at Colour Works Tattoo Studio always recommend, when you are thinking about your tattoo ideas that you always try and reflect your personality, interests and own self image that you show to the world. The Internet is always a good place to start your research on your tattoo ideas. Try to find a particular style or design that reflects your lifestyle and identity, whether it?s a Mandala or Rose tattoo or a tattoo to finish a sleeve or leg piece that you have been working on. Let it be unique. Let it represent who you are!?

So what’s trending and popular in the year 2019? With the penetration of social media into people’s lives, we have seen the rise in Geometric and Minimalist tattoos. Small tattoos and floral designs are still going strong. Come on guys, who doesn?t like a good flower tattoo! Black work and dot-work tattoos are a mainstay and as the name suggest watercolour tattoos are also grabbing people’s attention. Let?s not forget some of the favourites, Neo-traditional, traditional, Maori and old school.?

Once you have the tattoo idea narrowed down. It?s time to book a consultation with a suitable and experienced artist that specialises in your selected design. Always look carefully at the artists portfolio to make sure they are a suitable match for your tattoo. Make sure there is consistency in their work and that it?s their own. All of our resident and guest artists, here at Colour Works Tattoo Studio will bring your tattoo to life and if it’s the case that we can?t accommodate your tattoo idea, we will gladly source a tattoo artist that can bring your tattoo to life.