Colour Works - Small Tattoos

Ah small tattoos, they are just awesome! And we love doing them. You might be just starting out on your tattoo journey or perhaps you wish to add something small and discreet to your Ink collection.?

This type of tattoo, whether standalone or an addition is a way for you to make a statement to the world or to just keep people guessing. Perhaps a tiny heart hidden on your wrist or maybe a dot work half moon on your elbow, the possibilities are endless. Well almost endless, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when getting a small tattoo.?

There is only so much detail that can be fitted into a small tattoo and this holds true for tattoo pieces that contain script. Get a few ideas together, get creative and design your own unique piece or come into the studio and sit down with one of the guys and they can assist you in designing your personal piece. Please work with your artist and take on board their experience and advice. At the end of the day, you want the highest quality of work for your new tattoo and so do we.?

As always, preparation and research is key when it comes to tattoos. It doesn?t make a difference whether it’s a small tattoo or a large tattoo, doing your homework and getting it right is essential. Once you have that done, get in contact with us by phone or email or better yet call into the studio.?