Colour Works - Rose Tattoos

Roses are red, violets are blue you know what to do, come get a tattoo!?

We all know roses will never go out of fashion, the rise of the rose tattoo dates back to the 1930s when sailors started to get them to remind them of their loved ones while out at sea.?It was Norman Keith Collins aka Sailor Jerry as he is famously known today, who started the trend tattooing Navy cadets and sailors alike.?

Roses are a multifaceted flower with every colour symbolising a different meaning. The red rose an extremely beautiful flower which has long been associated as the symbol of love, beauty, courage and respect. Every colour rose has a different meaning however, there?s no rules if you fancy a pink rose because pink is simply your favourite colour, why not go for it!?

It is no wonder why the rose tattoo is so popular, it?s the versatility of the rose makes it a great tattoo. A rose can be translated into various styles of tattoos, from old school traditional, neo traditional, realistic, watercolour to fineline to name but a few ! Rose tattoos always make a timeless piece. A simple rose alone is a showstopper, or more often than none roses are often incorporated into a tattoo sleeve or a large scale leg or arm piece.

The beauty of a rose is thats its an organic subject matter and like a snowflake each one has a unique shape and form that will suit various parts of the body. So what are you waiting for !?

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