Colour Works - Cool Tattoos

What makes a cool tattoo? Let me tell you, a cool tattoo is one that is custom and unique to the person wearing it. You want to know what is really cool, confidence. You have thought long and hard about what you like, what you think is cool,what you want and which one of our artists expertise you want to help you execute your cool tattoo.

Here in Colour Works tattoo studio, we pride ourselves in creating one of a kind custom pieces. Of course we know each and every one of us is inspired by others work and creativity but we never want to copy someones? original art. There are two main reasons why, one it would be unfair to both the artist and client alike to make an exact replica of their idea and number two we want you to wear an original piece of art on your body too.?

I mean you cool kids today, already have a relaxed attitude towards life, are open and accepting to others and have the guts to take a stand.

Getting cool tattoos doesn?t mean getting whatever tattoos are popular or what the latest trend is. It?s a total personal preference, after all it’s your tattoo, something you are going to wear on your body and not care what anyone else thinks. As the old saying goes ?beauty is in the eye of the beholder?. If we all liked the same style and things the world would be a pretty boring and bland place. So stop worrying about what others think, don?t follow the trends, set them!?

No matter what style of tattoo you want our talented team have you covered, from the best in old school traditional, neo-traditional, Japanese, realism, watercolour, mandalas or fine line to name but a few! What?s most important to the Colour Works tattoo crew is that you enjoy your tattoo journey with us and we work together to translate your ideas into the best possible cool tattoo.